The Patron’s Perks Community Flyer

The Patron’s Perks Community Flyer is a hybrid marketing platform based here in Corvallis that allows a select group of locally owned business owners to join forces in a Co-Op style community marketing program.

We take tried and true direct mail, pump it full of steroids and top it off with some social media and mobile marketing to get you the absolute best bang for your buck.

To make it even better, we take advantage of group buying power by splitting the expenses between a dozen or so other locally owned, non-competing businesses and mail out to thousands of higher income families within our local community.

Our products and services are always on the cover, not hidden in an envelope, or buried deep in newspapers and magazines with hundreds of other ads.  They are right in front of your customers eyes the moment they open the mailbox.

But your ad doesn’t stop with the printed version… We are deeply integrated with the Patron’s Perks mobile app, which gives you additional exposure to our Patron’s Perks users.

We’ll keep sending people to the Community Flyer for a variety of reasons throughout the month, ensuring you get as much exposure as possible.

And if you sponsor one of our contests or giveaways, we’ll work to send even more to your website and social media pages, encouraging positive engagement with your most satisfied customers.

Take a few minutes to look at some of our advantages below, and I highly recommend you read through the F.A.Q. near the bottom of the page to see additional benefits.

Some Of Our Benefits

-Rapid Response:

Instantly reach more than 10,000 higher income, local buyers with nearly 100% exposure.  Your ad is always on the “cover”.  It is never hidden inside an envelope, magazine or newspaper hoping your customer finds it.

-Fully Exclusive:

We are limited to 13 businesses per mailing and 1 business per category, so you won’t have any direct competitors who could damage your response.  

-Maximum Exposure:

In addition to the print ad, you will receive regular exposure from the Patron’s Perks Mobile Directory users.  With regular contests and giveaways pointing them back to the Community Flyer, they will see your ad again and again throughout the month.

-Brilliant Color:

Beautiful full color glossy cardstock that demands attention.

-No Commitment:

No contract required, just pay and go.

-Trackable ROI:

Quickly determine how much profit you made with redeemable offers.

-Co-Op Buying Power:

You pay only a tiny fraction of the total cost, yet you reap all the rewards.  Make everyone else pay for your ad!

-Encourage Repeat Business:

Receive a complimentary 6 month Premium Membership to the Patron’s Perks Loyalty Program.  You can build your own digital rewards program, or grow your own SMS or email list to keep your customers coming back again and again.  This is worth thousands in repeat business potential.


The Patron's Perks Community Flyer will be mailed directly to neighborhoods with average income levels of $60,000 and up.  And because we won't be hiding it in an envelope, or between the pages of a magazine or newspaper, you can expect close to 100% exposure.

Even better, because it isn't hidden you will be seen by those who don't normally look through the advertisements they receive

When you consider that nearly half of all advertising is never opened, and simply tossed in the trash upon receipt, you can see the clear advantage our giant postcard has over the competition.  

In addition, we'll regularly be sending our Patron's Perks mobile directory users, as well as facebook fans to the Community Flyer as part of various contests and giveaways, further increasing your exposure potential.

This is an interactive local marketing program designed to keep our community members fully engaged with participating businesses in order to provide you with as much positive exposure as possible.


The Patron's Perks Community Flyer is a multi-faceted marketing program that actively works to put your business in front of thousands of local consumers wherever they may be.  At home, surfing the web, or on their phone.

In its physical form, it is a large postcard split into a dozen or so advertisements for a select group of local business owners.  It measures 9" by 12", is made of thick, glossy cardstock and is mailed flat, never hidden inside of something else. 

It is intended to be noticed as soon as the homeowner opens their mailbox.

In its electronic form, we use social media, contests and giveaways encouraging people to re-visit your ad throughout the month to give you even more exposure.​

Unlike other forms of advertising, you aren't relying on being seen by those actively looking for discounts, or stumbling across your ad while doing something else.

As local business owners we are proud of the products and services we provide, so why do we make it so hard for people to find us?


Businesses signing up for the initial release of the Patron's Perks Community Flyer will receive a complimentary 6 month Premium Membership to the Patron's Perks Loyalty Program.

The loyalty program is hosted inside the Patron's Perks mobile app, which is a digital directory of local businesses that offer rewards programs to encourage their best customers to return again and again.

Your complimentary membership will allow you to create a digital rewards program, collect customer emails for your newsletter, or collect phone numbers so you can send out SMS messages alerting your customers of upcoming events and special deals.

This gives you the best of both worlds.  Traditional direct mail that has been proven effective over many decades, and the more modern digital advertising that takes advantage of the massive uptake in smartphone and mobile app usage in recent years.


Spaces begin at 5 cents per household depending on the space you reserve.

A steal, considering we are mailing to higher income households and-

  • your ad will not be hidden in an envelope that is likely to be thrown away before opening...
  • or placed in a newspaper or magazine waiting for someone to stumble across it...
  • and you'll receive additional attention through our social media and mobile platform, ensuring you get as much exposure to your business as possible

In other words, people who don't normally look through advertisements will see you too.

As you can see, there really isn't a comparable offer out there.​


As a charter member of the Patron's Perks Community Flyer, you not only get your ad sent to thousands of high income homes in a format that ensures nearly 100% exposure, but you get the following as well:

  • Exclusivity.  The Patron's Perks Community Flyer is limited to just 13 local businesses per mailing, and only one per category.  This means you will not have any competition.
  • 6 month complimentary digital rewards program to help build a loyal customer base and encourage them to return again and again.
  • 6 month complimentary email and SMS program that allows you to build your contact list and send an email or text messages to each of your subscribers any time you have a special event or promotion you would like to advertise.
  • 6 month premium listing within the Patron's Perks mobile app that puts your business in the hands of all Patron's Perks users.
  • A partner in a multi-faceted advertising program.  Every time the Patron's Perks Community Flyer is mailed out, we will remind people to install and use the Patron's Perks mobile app.  They will be kept fully engaged with contests and giveaways ensuring they are active participants with our co-op members.  This means your advertising isn't just relying on the print version for your business to be seen, but it'll always be right there in your customers hands.

No.  You can simply pay and go.

If you decide to take advantage of the complimentary 6 month Premium Membership of the Patron's Perks Loyalty Program, you will be required to sign up via PayPal, and if you continue your membership after the initial 6 months, you will be automatically billed $59 a month to continue using your rewards program.

You can cancel the Premium Membership at any time and we will no longer bill you.


When you become a charter member of the Patron's Perks Community Flyer Co-Op, you are gaining a partner in a multi-faceted community advertising program.

Every time the Patron's Perks Community Flyer is mailed out, we will remind people to install and use the Patron'ts Perks mobile app.  They will be kept fully engaged with contests and giveaways ensuring they are active participants with our Co-Op Members.

In addition, we will refer our app users to the Community Flyer within both the app, and the accompanying facebook page, encouraging people to view your ad more frequently.  This is intended to give you as much exposure as possible

This means your advertising isn't just relying on the print version for your business to be seen, but it'll always be right there in your customers hands.

You'll also have the opportunity to take part in the monthly contests and giveaways, providing you with even more exposure.  Every business participating in a contest or giveaway will receive recognition as an event sponsor, which will bring your business into the spotlight, introducing you to new potential customers.

And finally, each of our Patron's Perks Mobile Directories is community specific.  Our goal is to remain highly relevant to those most important to your business, and that's your fellow community members.

Does this mean people outside our community won't see your business, or use our app?  No, but it does mean that our focus will always be on the businesses and residents of the local community.


If you decide to take advantage of the Patron's Perks Premium Loyalty Program, the first 6 months is free.

You will simply sign up via PayPal, and if you decide to continue using your Premium Loyalty Program past the initial 6 months, you will automatically be billed at the rate of $59 a month.

And while I can't imagine why you'd want to, you can cancel at any time.  You can do so by contacting Patron's Perks, or directly through PayPal at any time and you will no longer be billed.


That's Great!  Then you already know the value of building a relationship with your customers to encourage them to come back more frequently.

Joining the Patron's Perks Community Flyer doesn't mean you need to switch programs.  You'll still be listed inside the mobile directory and your information will be available just as it will for other Co-Op members. 

And depending on the type of program you use, we may even be able to link it inside your listing so people who have never visited your business will be encouraged to come visit you as well.

One of the biggest benefits to becoming a Co-Op member is the additional exposure you'll get when your print ad goes out, since we'll be sending our Patron's Perks mobile app users to the ad throughout the month.  

However, it's worth mentioning that we may be able to transfer the customers from your current loyalty system into our own and save you some additional money.  If you can download your rewards program customer data into a CSV file, we can add them into our program.  There are certain things to consider when doing so, so I recommend contacting me at to get more information.


Aside from the traditional benefits a properly used rewards program provides, once your complimentary 6 month membership has run out, simply remain an active member for at least 3 months and you will receive a 10% discount on any ads you run on the Community Flyer.

This discount is only available to members who are currently active for 3 consecutive months or more after they have passed the initial 6 month trial period.


Over time, prices for placing ads in the Community Flyer will increase.  As with your own business, this is simply a reality of ensuring we remain a viable and valuable resource for you long into the future.

However, the fees for your Premium Membership of the Patron's Perks Loyalty Program will not increase so long as you remain a current member.  You will continue to receive the same benefits for the lifetime of your account at the same introductory rates, so long as you remain a current member.

Over time there may be additional upgraded features you would like to take advantage of, so your membership fee may go up to reflect those new features.  But you will never be required to upgrade and will always be in full control of which features you pay for above the initial features you've signed up for.


Absolutely not.

Although, if you've ever considered providing a rewards program to your customers, or setting up an email or SMS system, then the 6 month complimentary membership is worth a try.

Either way, you will still benefit from the users of the Patron's Perks Directory app when they visit your listing inside, or refer to your advertisement as part of various contests and giveaways.



In fact, you don't even have to post an ad to become a member of the Premium Loyalty Program.  Although, you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the complimentary 6 month membership.

Having said that, it makes sense to place an ad and get both benefits initially since you'd be getting double the exposure for about the same initial investment.

And just as businesses advertising in the Community Flyer will benefit from access to the users of the Patron's Perks Directory, you stand to benefit from their participation in the Community Flyer as we point people back and forth between the directory and the flyer for various contests and giveaways.


This is a completely understandable concern if your current marketing isn't actually paying for itself.

But ask yourself- would you stop investing in your advertising if more money was coming back than you were putting in?  Would you limit your investment to a pre-determined number if your ads were actually making you a profit?  

Traditional ads just sit there, hiding away in an envelope, magazine or newspaper waiting for someone to find them.  They wait for the deal shopper to actively seek out your discounts among tens, or even hundreds of others and visit you only when they find them.  Unless they find your competitors first.

But what if your advertisement was in their face the moment they received it, whether they normally look through the ads or not?  And what if someone was actively working to put more eyes on your ad as many times as possible?

Of course nothing is guaranteed, but the goal of the Patron's Perks Community Flyer is to actively work to get as many eyes on your business as possible throughout the month.

We'll use the Patron's Perks directory app and our facebook page to direct community members back to the Community Flyer throughout the month using a variety of methods including but not limited to, contests and giveaways.  We'll work to make your marketing work for you.

And if you happen to be sponsoring a contest or giveaway, you'll gain even more recognition throughout the community as people share these with family and friends.

  As I said, nothing is guaranteed, but we'll do everything we can to ensure we are properly engaging our community to not only make your ads pay for themselves, but to help you turn a profit when placing them


The short answer is that your ad will be good for as long as you make it valid.  So if you are providing a redeemable offer with an expiration, it'll be good until that date, based on the criteria you set for it.  

The longer answer is that we will continue mailing out the Community Flyer every 4-8 weeks, based on feedback from you, our local business owners.

To help with the sticking power of your ad, as mentioned before we'll run a variety of contests and giveaways throughout the month encouraging people to refer to the flyer giving you more exposure.

In addition, I'm considering an idea for a longer term event to encourage people to hang on to, and refer to, past Community Flyers.  Potentially quarterly, every six months, or annually.  This is still to be determined, however the idea will be to provide as much long term exposure as possible.


That's Great!  Most of what is coming is based on conversations with our local business owners, and really, that's the whole point.

Our program will change and expand over time in order to keep things interesting, as well as make it as valuable as we can for you, so feel free to contact me at with your suggestions.

I can't promise all ideas will be used as presented, but either way, I'm sure it'll spark something that will bring you more value in the future.


This is certainly a valid concern and I admit, this method won't work for everyone.  However it may be worth considering whether the specific method used in the past was a right fit for you.  I'll try and compare a few below:

-Coupon Mailer Pack- This could be the type that goes out in an envelope and has dozens of other ads inside for people to sort through.  Including those of your competitors.  This type of mailer is great for inexpensively getting your ad into as many hands as possible, but the drawback is that almost half of these envelopes never even get opened.  And when they do, your potential customer has to then find your ad among the rest and you have to hope your competitors offer isn't stronger than yours.

-Newspaper Ad or Insert- This is another inexpensive way to get your ad into a lot of local hands, but similar to the Coupon Mailer Pack, relies on the potential customer to first look for the ads, and then find yours among your competitors.  And unfortunately, newspaper readership is in decline due to the newer online and mobile alternatives in the marketplace.

-Magazine Ad- Another great way to get your ad into peoples hands, but with a more limited reach.  It's a great way to target a particular group of people by advertising in a specific magazine, so depending on your business, it may in fact be one of your better options.  But if it's a local magazine that has a primary purpose of advertising, like the envelopes, it may never even be opened.  And when it is, it, like the others rely on the person to find your ad before that of your competition.

This is where the giant postcard format of the Community Flyer comes out ahead.  With our flyer holding no competition and being mailed flat and unwrapped, you have a nearly 100% exposure rate, even to those who don't normally look through advertisments.

Add in the hybrid format where users of the local Patron's Perks mobile directory are encouraged to refer to the Community Flyer throughout the month, and you can see a clear difference.

Now all that remains is for you to provide a strong offer that will get new customers to visit or call.


This is also understandable.  Coupons, or as I prefer to refer to them, redeemable offers, work for many types of businesses, and can draw in a great number of new and repeat customers to drive up sales.

But some businesses just don't to the coupon thing.

Fortunately, it's often all in how you present it.  For example:

Do you ever offer Gift Cards?  Or vouchers?  How about a free/complimentary item or service when purchasing something else?

These are all great ways to get around the potential stigma of coupons, and often something you already do.  

Much like the Community Flyer, these are all pretty much the same thing, just in a different, and often more effective package.


I'm a fellow Oregonian and my family and I have lived in Corvallis since around 2009.  We were in Salem for about 5 years prior to that, and Germany for most of the previous 12 years working for the U.S. Military where I ran several themed restaurants, bringing a taste of home to our troops and their family members.

Over the years I came to realize that cooking in, and running restaurants wasn't my thing (although, I have huge respect for those who continue to make it their labor of love) and I needed to find something that allowed me more time at home with my family, while allowing me to be creative and have fun with what I am doing.

This is the result, and I hope it brings you as much satisfaction as it does me.

Need to know I'm a real person?  I'd be happy to stop in at any time and meet you.  Just shoot me a note, or give me a call and I'll be right over.  Of course if you aren't in Corvallis or Albany, we may need to schedule ahead.


This is where the hybrid advertising benefits of the Patron's Perks Community Flyer really shine.

Contest and event sponsors enjoy the same benefits our regular monthly advertisers do (nearly 100% "on the cover" exposure, and repeat exposure from community members regularly referring to the flyer throughout the month, as well as our complimentary 6 Premium Loyalty Membership) as well as the following:

-Contest sponsors will enjoy the added benefit of having name recognition as the sponsor throughout the length of the event.  Your name will be used in all contest and event collateral, and shared with the community as people work to earn points and prizes.

-Sponsors will also be able to take advantage of the Geo-Fencing and Push Notifications available on the Patron's Perks mobile directory app.  This means you can have your location or event sent to every Patron's Perks app users phone based on either a date and time, or based on proximity.

Let's say you are having a special sale for the day- we can set it up so every mobile directory user in the community receives a notification directly on their smartphone.  Alternatively they can be notified as they near your location, encouraging them to stop in and take advantage of whatever it is you are offering at the time.

Just imagine the benefits of having your event sent out to the whole Patron's Perks community.

No other direct mail out there is offering anything close to this as far as I am aware.


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